The old steamer S/S Skjslkør can be charter from May to mid-September. Our Association offer two types of charters:

For both charter type apply:

  • Departure and arrival harbor is always Frederikssund
  • Crew is included
  • You are allowed to bring your own drink & food - ship does not have any food item for sale
  •  You can invite up to 80 people - the ships maximum

Mini charter

Last one hour and must be arranged before or after our regular Sunday trips in the summer period. Price : 1900 DKK.

Normal charter

First hour 3.900 DKK (startup fee - 6 hour of heating needed before departure), hereafter 1900 DKK per hour.

We can help arrange trips for both small or larges parties, for example:

  • Companies - either employee trips or customer presentation in very different surroundings.
  • Birthdays/Wedding/Burial as sea
  • Or just gathering of friends for a good time

Usually S/S Skjelskør sails in the waters of Roskilde Fjord, but trips outside the fjord can be arranged.

Book your trip today by calling Peter Tang at tlf. +45 30 32 04 21 (he speak english).