Model fremstillet af Jørn Webler

Denne model blev forevist på damperen den 4. december 2004.




Model fra Hobbytrade

Denne model er lavet af Hobbytrade i Fredericia, målestok 1:87 (udgået).


Model fra West Sea i San Diego, USA

Teksten fra sælgerens websted:

Truly exceptional, authentic dockyard-quality full hull ship model of the excursion steamer SKJELSKØR flying the Danish flag. This period precision model with scale proportions measures 32 inches long and is housed in its original glazed solid teakwood case 23 inches tall, 14 inches wide, and 39 inches long. The realistic quality of this fine model defies description.

Suffice it to say it is a "real miniature ship!" All components are fabricated of wood, brass, or painted metal. Construction is of the plank-on-frame technique with deck planking seams caulked with tiny strips of oakum in the traditional manner!

A model that would do a Lilliputian proud! Perfect original condition showing signs of age. Circa 1915.

The SKJELSKØR was built in Denmark in 1915 as a coastal freighter/passenger steamer with a length of 60 feet, 16 foot beam, and displacement of 49 tons.